Whether you are purchasing real estate in the Collingwood , Blue Mountain or Georgian Triangle area we know that this process can be quite stressful. To help make this process run as smoothly as possible, here are a few helpful stress relief hints:1. Consider being pre-approved by a lender.
Even though you know that you can afford to buy, talk to your account advisor. If you are financing your Collingwood Blue Mountain real estate, the bank will become a part of your decision making process. Unless you specifically request otherwise, most real estate offers should contain a financing condition even if it is for a short period of time. Pre-approval gives you the piece of mind in knowing what you can afford to purchase.2. Try not to let first impressions affect your decision.
Remember you are only buying real estate and not the décor. Most people want to personalize a home when they move in so wall colours, carpet, etc, should not become a factor unless the décor is incredibly wrong.

3. Consider the location before deciding to buy.
We discussed this earlier but, location, location and location deserves to be repeated incessantly. The Collingwood, Blue Mountain and Georgian Triangle area’s have many hidden gems and we want you to be aware of them before you purchase. Do you want to be located close to local area amenities, or in the country where you can get away from it all? We’ve got it all!

4. Read all documents thoroughly before signing.
We constantly work with real estate related legal contracts and it is our responsibility to be certain that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations before signing any of them. When given any document to sign make sure to read and understand what it is you are signing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

5. Always get agreements in writing.
Many people have done business on their word or on a handshake; however, a written obligation may be enforceable in a court of law, contract law states that verbal agreements are not enforceable when dealing with real property.

6. Base your offer on market value and not on the asking price.
Buyers and sellers always expect to be able to negotiate and a financial buffer is always built into an asking price. We research Collingwood Blue Mountain real estate sale prices as they relate to listing prices in all market segments and will advise accordingly when suggesting a listing price. Look into what similar Collingwood Blue Mountain real estate properties have sold for in the area. How does yours compare? Contact us for an up-to-date Blue Mountain, Collingwood market summary.

7. Consider getting a professional home inspector.
Another pair of experienced eyes is always a good idea when it comes to getting professional advice. We must stay current to changes that impact the sale of real estate and how these changes affect the sale of a property. Home inspectors must do the same and will give you an excellent overview of the condition of a property. A home inspector will protect you from any potential disasters and give you the comfort of knowing what you are buying.

8. Allow time to shop around for home insurance.
You must also be aware of changes in the way that insurance companies deal with the risk in certain real estate properties and how they will adjust a premium according to its location, type of heat, etc. Give yourself time to look around. You don’t want to be rushed into finding insurance otherwise you will likely miss out on better deals.

9. Remember that the Bank’s quoted mortgage rates aren’t carved in stone.
It is a very competitive world we live in. We can help you by suggesting some of the best people in the area to deal with. Banks are experiencing increased competition and in most cases are willing to negotiate mortgage rates.

10. Know your rights and obligations.
We cannot say enough about the importance of an experienced real estate team that stays current in legislation changes and market updates. We love what we do and want you to understand our role is to assist you in all facets of your Collingwood Blue Mountain Real Estate decision making processes.

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