The interior of the house isn’t the only thing you need to focus on when you’re selling your home. Here’s a list of real estate property qualities home buyers want most:

  1. Healthy Grass. Patchy, unhealthy grass just isn’t pretty! It can make the exterior appearance of your home look neglected and uncared for. Your front lawn is a huge part of the first impression that real estate property buyers have; make it count! Also, ensure your grass is freshly cut when you have potential buyers coming to view your home.
  2. Well-Maintained Hedges. If your property has hedges or trees, make sure they are not over-grown and uneven. Trim the sprouts; make them appealing to the eye. Over-grown umbrella tree? Take some snips and make it presentable!
  3. No Clutter. You know those houses that just have so much clutter and unnecessary things piled up in the yard? Is that your property? Get rid of what you don’t need, and find somewhere not-so-visible to store the things you want to keep. Sure, all the clutter will be gone once you move, but the home buyer won’t get the desired impression of the property; they’ll just notice the mess that’s taking over your yard!
  4. Privacy. This doesn’t mean a completely fenced-in yard all the way around your home, but a backyard with a fence is extremely sought-after. The potential real estate property buyers may have a dog or children, or they may simply want a place to relax outside without being in view of others.
  5. Gardens. Gardens make a home look that much more beautiful; however, a garden full of weeds? Not so much. Make an effort to maintain your garden, or if you’re not much of a gardener and it’s feasible, hire someone to look after them for you! It also makes a great chore (and a way to make a little extra cash) for your kids. However you decide to do it, keep those gardens blooming and weed-free!
  6. Storage. You may have a garage, but a little storage shed (that’s not rusted or falling apart) in the backyard is great for things like lawn furniture, garden tools, or the lawn mower. It’s not necessary, but definitely a plus.
  7. A Patio or Deck. Do you know anyone who doesn’t love having a deck or patio? Probably not because they’re great! It’s a place to sit outside with family and friends, have a BBQ, or read a book while basking in the sunshine. If your property has one of the two, 10 real estate bonus points to you! Make sure your deck is well maintained, too– if you need to pressure wash it or re-stain it, do it.

Does your real estate property have all seven of these desirable qualities?

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