Finding the right real estate broker for you can make or break a smooth sale of your home.  What is it that you should look for in the real estate broker that is going to help you sell?

  1. Choose someone who possesses great knowledge of your neighbourhood. A real estate broker who has made many sales in the same area will more than likely be successful at selling your home; they know what buyers who are looking in that area really want.
  1. Sure, you want a real estate broker who is extremely qualified and has a ton of experience, but choose someone who has the right experience for what you’re trying to buy or sell. If someone has sold hundreds of million-dollar homes, and you’re looking to sell your little cottage, choose someone who has plenty of experience with cottage sales—not mansions.
  1. Make sure the real estate broker you choose is easy to get in touch with. You don’t want to be calling and emailing with an important question you need the answer to immediately only to receive a response a week later—if at all.
  1. Ensure your broker is representing you only, and not the other party. You want someone who is looking out for your best interests; you don’t want the person who is purchasing your home to have the same agent as you.
  1. Finally, make sure your real estate broker is someone you get along with. Having frequent arguments will just make the whole buying/selling process that much more stressful; it’s not worth it!

If you are in need of a real estate broker in Collingwood ON or would simply like more information about real estate, feel free to contact us, Ian Hawkins & Cindy Ryerse. We have 50 years of combined experience in the real estate industry, and our expertise and friendly customer service put us head and shoulders above our competition!

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