If you’re thinking of renovating your piece of Blue Mountain real estate, you might consider looking to your bathroom. Remodeling the bathroom has a return on investment of between 65-120 per cent. A bathroom addition has a return of between 80-130 per cent.

While the return may be high, bathrooms have a tendency to be more expensive and complicated than we expect. Here are a few tips to keep the stress and costs down.

  1. Choose your colours well, stick with classic colours and neutrals, especially if you plan to sell in the near future. However, if you like a bold look, but don’t want to paint the room a vibrant colour, select bright-coloured fixtures. The faucet, light fixtures, rugs, towels and artwork all provide opportunities for bold pops of colour.
  2. Know the building permit rules for the Blue Mountain real estate area. If you need permits, apply early to make sure you get them in time. Also, make a list of the professionals you’ll need to enlist to get the job done. Bathroom renovations often become expensive because of the materials used and the specialists you have to hire, such as plumbers, electricians, etc.
  3. Keep lighting in mind. The bathroom is where many of us get ready to start our days, so make sure it’s properly lit. If your bathroom is windowless, keep your walls a light colour to make the most of artificial light.
  4. Maintain the same footprint, if you decide to move the waste line, your costs will increase. Instead, keep the toilet and shower where they are, and only replace the fixtures themselves.
  5. Do it yourself. If your tub has a few cracks, repair it yourself. You can also install the toilet yourself as long as you’re only replacing the toilet and not the plumbing.
  6. Save money on cabinetry, instead of expensive custom cabinets, buy stock or semi-custom cabinets, vanities and vanity tops, or use refinished side cabinets or a bedside table for storage.
  7. Keep your space functional. A pedestal or wall-mounted corner sink can free up space for extra storage or luxury fixtures.
  8. Go faux. Use tile that looks like natural stone—it’s cheaper and lower maintenance than real stone.

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