So you’ve been looking at condos for sale in Collingwood, and are considering buying one, but you’re wondering whether it would be the perfect match for you and your lifestyle. Don’t be fooled! A condo can mean many things; it may be detached or semi-detached, townhouses, or apartments; there are so many options!

While you’re sifting through condos for sale, use these pros and cons to help you decide whether you could picture your life living in one.


  1. Convenience- Need a plumber or an electrician? Many condos often have one on call. Do you enjoy going to the gym, or having access to a pool or sauna? Many condos also have these facilities built right in– imagine not even having to step foot outside in our cold Canadian winters and being steps (or an elevator ride) from your daily workout!
  2. Your own personal space- You may not have a whole house and property to yourself, but you will more than likely have your own parking space, storage lockers, and if you love gardening, some condos for sale even have roof gardens available.
  3. Economical- Not only are condos super low on maintenance, but they are located in some extremely convenient areas! You can often opt to walk instead of having to worry about taking your car. The prices of condos are very competitive- you can choose one based on your level of luxury.


  1. Proximity- If you’re someone who enjoys having a lot of space to yourself, you may not enjoy condo living; your neighbour is just steps away!
  2. Extra Fees- You will most likely have to pay condo fees to maintain the condo’s facilities (such as the pool or gym), which could be frustrating if you don’t use them.
  3. Selling- If or when you decide to list your condo for sale, it may take more time to sell than a single-family home.

Is a condo right for your lifestyle?

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