Our team of Blue Mountain Real Estate Professionals are dedicated to assisting you with whatever your real estate needs are in order to make your Blue Mountain real estate experience much more than buying a piece of real estate.

Whether it’s a family relocation or a weekend getaway, researching and buying Blue Mountain Real Estate can be a complex and stressful undertaking for anyone. Working with our Blue Mountain Real Estate Team should be an enjoyable experience.

We’ll help you by using our years of Blue Mountain real estate experience, knowledge of the area and a proven track record of helping many families with their real estate needs.

More than just Blue Mountain Real Estate!
When we meet a buyer that would like to make a real estate investment within our market, we cannot assume that they are fully conversant on what our area has to offer. As well, because of the diverse communities that we work in, Blue Mountain, Cranberry Resorts, Thornbury, there are many reasons for purchasing a home, a chalet or a condo. To some people, the reason for buying real estate is straightforward, our market is very diverse, therefore in order to make the most of resources and time, the reason to buy must be clearly defined.

We have been known as a resort community for many years and therefore we must be certain that your idea of buying a cottage for example, will be very different from buying a cottage in many other areas of Ontario. Our waterfront is beautiful, sand beaches with crystal clear water. We’ll show you how a cottage at Wasaga Beach is very different from one at Christie Beach.

Intrawest is building a resort village at Blue Mountain. They are not just building a village, a total investment of over $500 million will be invested to create the infrastructure, build the resort hotels to create the experience of resort life.

“Our mission is to provide a superior level of service for all of our clients needs by utilizing our extensive Blue Mountain Real Estate experience, current area real estate market knowledge, state of the art technology and innovative customer service capabilities.”

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