Here at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group, we have helped thousands of families move. In our extensive experience in this field, we have learned first-hand that while buying a home is an exciting and joyous prospect, the process can also be highly stressful. Our group wants to help you make your home-buying experience as painless as possible, and to do that, we strongly recommend working with a qualified REALTOR®. In this article, we’ll go over some of the many ways REALTORS® make the home-buying process easier.

  • Recommend Ideal Locations. One of the ways REALTOR® help streamline the home-buying process is by giving you access to their knowledge of the local market. This includes not only pricing information, but also details on specific neighbourhoods, the nearest schools, etc. A REALTOR® will listen to your list of priorities for your future home and recommend the best locations to meet those needs.
  • Attend Home Inspection. Another way that the REALTORS® here at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group will help with the home-buying process is by helping you choose a reliable home inspector and by attending the inspection itself to report the findings to you. Even a highly skilled home inspector may not successfully convey all of the relevant findings to you, but with your REALTOR® in attendance, you’ll have someone on your team to make sure you know all the important details.
  • Negotiate on Your Behalf. In addition to the above reasons, the other main benefit of working with REALTORS® is that they will negotiate on your behalf. Many people lack experience with negotiation and find the process intimidating, but even if you’re confident in your skills, it never hurts to have an expert on your team. You can count on our REALTORS® here at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group to represent your best interests in all negotiations to ensure you get the best deal.

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