Blue Mountain real estate is no different from any other–an inviting kitchen can set the scene for prospective buyers, who will envision their family and social lives centering on this all-important room. The state of your kitchen also gives buyers a glimpse into the care of the rest of the home.

Although many Blue Mountain real estate sellers choose to complete a basic remodel prior to listing, here are a few things you can do to present your kitchen in top form to potential buyer without a major renovation.

  • Keep surfaces clean and clutter free. Remove all personal photos from the counter and refrigerator to help buyers imagine cooking, dining and entertaining in the space.
  • Do a thorough cleaning. Aside from when the in-laws arrive for the holidays, this is the one time you really want your kitchen to shine. Wipe down and scour the baseboards, ceilings fans, walls, windows, cabinets and floors until they’re spotless… then scub some more.
  • Polish chrome fixtures, hardware and stove knobs. If these items are dated or too worn, consider replacing them. Otherwise, a rag and some polish will make these features shine like new.
  • Paint the walls. A fresh coat of paint in a muted or neutral colour can revitalize the entire look and feel of a room for much less than the cost of a remodel.
  • Store dishes, cleaning products and small appliances in the cabinets. Don’t leave your dishes in the sink, drying rack or even the dishwasher. When you put them away in the cabinets, make sure that plates are stacked by size and mugs are aligned.
  • Set the tone. Make the space look homey with a few cookbooks, arranged in size order, on the counter or bookshelves. To add a splash of colour, place polished fruit in a large bowl or houseplants in colourful pots on the counter.
  • Maximize the space you have. With the right combination of furniture and accessories, you can highlight the kitchen’s features while minimizing its limitations.

Last but not least, don’t forget to brighten your kitchen by replacing dim light bulbs and removing heavy curtains. All of your hard work will go unnoticed if the prospective buyers can’t see!

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