If you’re looking at condos for sale, or even an apartment, townhome or townhouse, the feng shui criteria is different to the criteria of looking at houses for sale. Nevertheless, good feng shui is good feng shui, and knowing what good chi (energy) is made of will be useful when you go condo hunting.

Below are 3 of the main feng shui elements for condominiums:

  • Chi and Building Location: The chi of a building influences the chi of the condos in it. You will have no control of the main entrance to the building, so choose wisely. A well-lit, clean main entry of a condo building in a friendly, safe location is always a good choice.
  • Condo Level: If possible, choose a unit on a higher level, rather than a lower one. The real estate and feng shui reasons behind this are the same: There’s a better view, more natural light and more chi coming into your condo. Also, the higher you are, the fewer condos above you. As such, tell your real estate broker you’re interested in looking at condos for sale on higher levels.
  • Chi Flow and Floor Plan: Before buying a condo or apartment, it’s important to check how the chi flows. In the future, it might be impossible, or too expensive to make the desired changes to improve the feng shui. Do you step into the condo’s kitchen right away? Do you face a wall as soon as you walk into the condo? These are important feng shui elements, so bear them in mind when viewing condos for sale.

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