In Canada’s real estate market, spring and summer are the peak-season, but there are some significant benefits to buying a home in the off-season as well. From enhanced convenience to cost savings, here are 4 advantages associated with off-season home hunting.

  1. Sellers are More Motivated: In the winter, sellers tend to be more motivated and keen to sell their properties quickly, especially if they have listed just before or after the holiday season. In terms of making contact with sellers who are open to negotiating on sale conditions and price, this is a favourable time of the year.
  2. You Can Identify Problems and Seek Solutions: Is the basement carpet wet? Does the roof leak? Are the living spaces drafty? Do telltale icicles indicate heat loss in the attic?
  3. Real Estate Professionals are Less Busy: Almost all professionals that you deal with when buying a home in the off-season will be less pushed for time than during the peak-season. From bank representatives to lawyers and real estate agents, everyone will have fewer clients to see, so you can benefit from quicker response times and faster-than-usual turnarounds on processing and paperwork for buying a home.
  4. A Smoother Move: You’ll probably get a better price and better service when you hire movers in the winter months. With fewer moves taking place, you’re also more likely to get your preferred time and date.

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