If you’re buying a home in the Georgian Bay area, you’ll surely want to know what type of well supplies your household water. An older home typically has a dug well. On average, this type of well is 6 ft. wide, 25 ft. (or less) deep and, as its name suggests, is installed by digging a hole in the ground.

The structure of a dug well is lined with concrete just beneath the water table, continuing above ground. Water is pumped to the surface. In general, these wells are less expensive, but since they take advantage of shallower thresholds, a drawback is a low water supply during times of drought.

If you’re buying a home that’s new, it will probably have a drilled well, which is more expensive than a dug well, but seldom suffers from water shortages because typically it is 50 ft. deep and installed well below rock beds.

What to Know about Well Water When Buying a Home in Georgian Bay

The depth of a drilled well, combined with the natural filtering properties of ground rock, provides much cleaner tasting water than other types. The actual well is a 6” wide steel case tube with assorted filtering devices to remove sediment. An electric motor pumps water to the surface.

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