The primary benefit of MLS Listings for consumers is that it allows agents to use their skills to full advantage. When it comes to determining what a potential buyer wants in a home, agents are experts, and a large part of their job is finding properties that meet the required criteria.

With MLS Listings, your agent can search an extensive database for homes that suit your budget, your family’s needs and your location preferences. He or she can then quickly put a list of suitable properties together. The details of literally thousands of homes can be viewed.

Because of this, you get an amazing amount of flexibility and choice. Your search does not have to involve tiring hours of driving around looking for ‘for sale’ signs. Neither does it involve having to rely on properties listed only in real estate magazines or newspapers. Your agent has a whole spectrum of available homes at his or her fingertips.

Even if you are moving to another area of your province or across the country, MLS Listings can be used to source homes well in advance. This significantly reduces the stress that comes with relocating.

What is good for the buyer is also good for the seller. That’s the bottom line because a big obstacle for sellers is finding motivated, qualified buyers. The only way to get over this hurdle is to match your home to the needs of as many prospective buyers as possible.


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