Whether you are buying real estate in the Georgian Triangle, Collingwood, or Blue Mountains, real estate brokers know the process is quite stressful. However, to make the experience go as smoothly as possible, below are some tips to keep in mind.

Don’t let your decision be affected by first impressions.

Remember, you are buying a property, not the décor. The present owners, like most people, have personalized their home, so carpet, wall colours, etc. shouldn’t be a deciding factor, unless the decor is so bad that it’s going to cost a lot to change it.

Before deciding to buy, consider the location.

Location, location, location! Real estate brokers can’t emphasize this enough. The Georgian Triangle, Collingwood, and Blue Mountains have many hidden gems that your agent wants you to be aware of before you buy. Do you want to be located in the country to get away from it all, or do you want to be close to local amenities?

Before signing, read all documents carefully.

Real estate brokers constantly work with legal contracts, and it is their responsibility to ensure you are fully aware of your obligations and rights before signing anything. When given documents to sign, it is also your responsibility to make sure you understand everything. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Get agreements in writing.

Some people still do business verbally or on a handshake, but remember that only a written agreement is enforceable in court. When it comes to verbal agreements concerning property, contract law states that these are not enforceable.

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