After a short pause in August, which showed consistent but not breath-taking sales, the real estate property market in the Georgian Triangle seems to be firing on all cylinders, having recorded more sales in September 2013 than any single month since 2005.

Some sales might have been prompted by the recent increase in fixed-term lending rates, along with the expectation of more tightening in the borrowing regime, spurring some people to get off the fence and commit to buying. However, rather than being an anomalous and temporary blip, September’s figures seem to be part of a wider phenomenon attributable to the real estate property market in the Georgian Triangle being on firm ground and reaping the benefits of on-going comparative value, affordability and attractiveness of properties for sale.

Therefore, September’s results build on 2013’s strong performance to date, which suggests that the market is well-positioned for the final quarter of the year with healthy sales and sustainable growth.

According to the September MLS Statistic Report from GTAR (Georgian Triangle Association of Realtors), 203 properties were sold – a 28 percent increase from the 158 in September 2012, and 15 percent more than the 175 in 2011. More good news is that real estate property sales figures for September 2013 were equal or better to those of September 2012 in all price categories, barring $240,000 to $249,000.

Total dollar volume for September 2013 increased at an even higher level, surpassing 2012’s performance by 35 percent, and updated year-to-date numbers reflected a 10 percent increase over 2012.

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