Selling your home isn’t as simple as putting up a “For Sale” sign in your yard and hoping that someone will stop by and make you an offer. In many cases, the selling process requires a targeted, methodical approach and a dedicated team of realtors. Here are a few reasons why our team of realtors at Ian Hawkins | Cindy Ryerse should help you sell your home.

Market Knowledge

We have been working as realtors in the Blue Mountain, Ontario region for years and know exactly what market conditions are like at all times. When you allow us to help you sell your home, we will put this knowledge to work in order to appeal to buyers who might be interested in purchasing your home.

Customized Marketing Plan

In order to find the right buyer as quickly as possible, you need to get the word out there that your home is up for sale. Due to this, besides just listing your home on internet databases, you need to advertise heavily on various mediums. Our team knows which advertising channels to use so that your home receives maximum exposure while it is listed on the market.

Negotiating Assistance

If your home is presented well and listed at a good price, you may find that several buyers want to purchase your home. If this occurs, we will be there to help you come to a beneficial agreement and negotiate a sale price that is fair for the current market.

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