Blue Mountain Real Estate

Welcome! If you’re not familiar with the Blue Mountain real estate area, including Intrawest, the Blue Mountain Resorts ski area, and it’s surrounding collection of condominiums, chalets, hotels and other developments, you may want to read our Blue Mountain Real Estate Overview to get a big-picture view of the area.

Blue Mountain

A Brief History

Blue Mountain Resorts founder, Jozo Weider had a vision: Turn a 950 foot “mountain,” a section of the Niagara Escarpment, into a ski resort with a European Mountain Village as its meeting place. Jozo unfortunately passed away before he had a chance to see his dream come true. But, with diligence and the hard work of Jozo’s family his vision has become a reality.

The Blue Mountain real estate area has sustained massive growth over the last 30 years which has been a direct result of the influx of visitors coming into the area from all over south western Ontario. These visitors recognize that the Collingwood and Blue Mountain areas are more than just a weekend get-away ‘hot spot’ but also a potential place to live, work and retire in. Since 1988, we have been helping families make their dreams of living in the Collingwood and Blue Mountain areas a reality.

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