If you’re trying to sell your home, one of the things you’ll need to do in order to attract buyers is put out a real estate listing. House listings are essentially brief summaries of homes on the market and include descriptions of their features with photos to let potential buyers see these features for themselves. Your house listing will have a big impact on how many interested parties you attract and on how quickly your home sells. In order to help you get the best results, our experts here at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group have put together this guide on how to write effective house listings.

How to Write Effective House Listings

  • Be accurate with your description. The first step to writing effective house listings is to describe your house and yard accurately. You don’t need to point out every tiny defect, but you also don’t want to be dishonest or set unrealistic expectations–if a potential buyer sees something like extensive water damage that you didn’t mention, they’ll be immediately turned off. The best way to deal with your home’s shortcomings is to own up to them and offer suggestions to fix them.
  • Showcase your home’s unique features. As we at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group know through experience, one of the most challenging parts of house hunting is that after a while, all homes and listings start to look the same. To make your house stand out more in potential buyers’ minds, highlight your home’s distinguishing features in your description. In many cases, a character feature like a bedroom fireplace or stained-glass window will be the one that convinces the buyer.
  • Take care with your composition. When writing house listings, make sure to follow the principles of good composition. This includes things like avoiding run-on sentences, not overusing exclamation points, and generally employing good grammar and word usage. Taking the time to proofread and edit your listing before submitting it shows potential buyers that you care, while failing to do so is likely to turn them off. We at the Hawkins/Ryerse Real Estate Group are highly experienced in refining real estate listings in this way, so you can count on us to make sure everything looks proper and appealing.