If you are thinking about investing in your first home, you may be considering your options when it comes to building or buying a home that already exists. On the one hand, building allows you to dream big dreams and create the perfect space. On the other hand, building takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail that may not be practical. If you are weighing your options, you may find that these three advantages of buying a home outweigh building:

  1. Convenience – Building a home requires expertise and lots of time. Buying a home that already exists gives you the opportunity to simply apply for a mortgage, shop around town, and make an offer when you find something you love. This is incredibly convenient for many home buyers and can make the choice easy when you are looking at your real estate options.
  2. Cost – Many times building a home can cost you a bundle, especially when you have so many options, have to decide on the right finishes, or run into unexpected issues that cause delays. Buying a home that’s already on the market allows you to set your budget and stick to it, and you can be unpacked and living in your new space in a much shorter amount of time.
  3. Preferences – A third advantage to buying a home is being able to choose the right school district, neighbourhood, and city amenities that you desire. If you really want to be close to downtown, there may not be any property available that makes building an option.

It’s obvious that building and buying a home both have their advantages, but before you set your heart on building, let us show you some of the excellent options available among the homes that are for sale. We’ll be glad to discuss your needs and your budget and help you achieve your home buying goals.

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