When selling a home, we often have to deal with strange odours. Sometimes these come from pets or cigarettes, while other times, it’s simply stale air, or something smelly under a bed or in the fridge. Well, there’s a very easy remedy that you probably haven’t heard of . . . coffee!

A few years ago, we were selling a home that was being rented. The tenants and their plethora of pets moved out, leaving horrible smells everywhere. Spraying and cleaning didn’t work. Then, a friend told us about coffee. We skeptically tried it by placing plastic containers with fresh grounds around the home, closed it up and, yes, 2 days later, the odours had gone!

Some people say you should use grounds that have been dried out, while others recommend fresh grounds. Apparently, the roasted beans emit sulphur, which traps the smells. We’ve actually tried it both ways with the same success.

If you have really stubborn odours, give it a go! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. You can put the grounds in closets, under couches, in the freezer, fridge, or just about anywhere. And, coffee is also good for plants, so when you’re done, sprinkle the grains in your garden.

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