Selling Land & Property

In an active market, people selling will often feel that the price levels are moving up at a brisk pace. Our market is very active; however, buyers are very cautious about overpaying for a property (remember what happened during the 80’s). A realistic asking price based on current market data will help to sell your property quickly and for the best price possible. By properly pricing your home you ensure that the gap between the asking and selling price is small and that there will be a greater likelihood of competing offers. A house that is priced 10% over its actual market value is many times less likely to sell in the initial 30 days of marketing than one priced within 5% of its true value.

Recommended listing prices are based on historical sales and current market conditions. How you feel about testing the market will determine how much higher than the current selling prices of similar properties you may try to ask for your property. Sellers quite often feel they can always start at the highest price that the market is currently bearing and then, if necessary, reduce the price at a future date. The drawback to this is that it could take longer than normal for your property to sell while other homes similar to yours but priced slightly lower will sell first as they may look comparably less expensive than yours.

We spend a lot of time and energy making sure we know our market and the also the factors that may change it short term and long term. We are continually striving to improve the marketing of the properties we have for sale. With the move to increasing reliance on electronic distribution of information, market data and consumer information by their clients, we have created a marketing program which specifically caters to those buyers and sellers that want to send and receive real estate information over the internet.

We consistently, year after year, sell over $20 million dollars worth of real estate and do over 70 transactions per year.

We keep up to date with the market and have the resources, connections and ability to keep you up-to-date with its constant changes. We know all of the properties currently for sale in your area, and are literally your best resource for determining and getting the highest price possible.

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