It is easy to get swept away in the excitement of buying a home, especially if it is your first one. It can also seem overwhelming and confusing at times. The best way to avoid the added stress and not make an emotional mistake is to take the steps to buying a house in order and get a realtor involved to help. By taking careful steps in a somewhat methodical way, nothing will fall between the cracks.

Start by doing your research. Many people jump right into looking at homes and find themselves stressed because things don’t end up working out. Put together a list of your “wants” and “needs”, so that when you do start looking, you can make a decision based on those instead of falling in love with one feature and not watching out for what you really need. A realtor will be very helpful in this regard because you will have shared your criteria with them, so they’ll be able to show you homes that fit what you need and want.

In order to save time later, make sure you also determine what you can afford and get prequalified and preapproved for a mortgage. This will keep you from looking at homes beyond what you would be approved for, which can be discouraging. Share this amount with your realtor, and they will be able to find homes that fit your budget. Realtors don’t want to waste your time or their own, and they want your experience to be pleasant and fulfilling.

With the research and financing in place, choosing from the realtors in the area is the next step. Look for experience with the home buying process, as well as strong negotiating skills. The rest of the steps, including the search, formal offer, inspections, and working with the lender and appraiser, will all be easier with realtors involved. They will help coordinate the paperwork and get you to the closing table in a timely manner.

Ian Hawkins & Cindy Ryerse know you have plenty of realtors to choose from in the Collingwood, Ontario area, but we firmly believe we are your best option, as we have the dedication, knowledge, and enthusiasm to make your home buying experience go smoothly. We have helped thousands of people realize their dreams, so we are confident we are the realtors you want in your corner. Contact us today, and let’s get started making your dream a reality.

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