If you aren’t familiar with real estate terminology, it can be pretty confusing when everything sounds the same but it all has different meanings. Most of the time, we just let the real estate professionals help us find a property and sign the paperwork without asking any questions about their titles or responsibilities.

  • Create Relationships – These professionals are responsible for building relationships with their clients who want to buy or sell real estate.
  • Act as Intermediary – When it comes time for signing the paperwork, buyers and sellers will sit down with the necessary parties to make sure all documents are correct and to their liking. Realtors ensure both parties are receiving what they have asked for during the buying and selling process.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility – Once a sale is final, realtors receive a commission as payment for their part in the buying and selling process. This is usually a percentage of the sale, which may be divided between other realtors, depending on the situation at the time of the sale.

A realtor is responsible for creating listings and ensuring potential buyers find the property they are looking for. Ian Hawkins & Cindy Ryerse stay current on real estate knowledge and have helped thousands of families move to their perfect home. If you’d like more information about realtors or to view our listings, contact us today.

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